"At first, it seemed to me that I should distance myself a bit from the Marian devotion of my childhood in order to focus more on Christ. Thanks to St. Louis de Montfort, I came to understand that true devotion to the Mother of God is actually Chritocentric; indeed, it is very profoundly rooted in the mystery of the Blessed Trinity, and the mysteries of the Incarnation and Redemption."~Bl. Pope John Paul II

Monday, February 20, 2012

Anniversary of Jacinta Marto's entrance into heaven!

Little Jacinta Marto, a Fatima visionary died on February 20, 1920, four days after Our Lady visited her for the last time here on earth. She told Jacinta that she would come to get her and bring her to Heaven soon where she would have no more pain.

Both Francesco, her brother and Jacinta were beatified at a solemn Mass in the shrine of the Cova da Iria by Pope John Paul I on May 13, 2000. Sister Lucia, their cousin (the third visionary) was present for the blessed event. She was a Carmelite nun in Coimbra, Portugal.

Let us invoke the intercession of the three visionaries and ask them to help us draw closer to Mother Mary.


  1. Blessed Jacinta, pray for us!

  2. What a beautiful blog, Donna! I feel better just being here. And tonight, I will rest my weary brow upon the Immaculate Heart of our Mother. I do have trouble sleeping; I am not at peace, and toss and turn all night.

    God bless you for this! I have it bookmarked.


  3. Dear "Anoymous,"

    Please feel free to come back often. You don't have to say a word. Just say a prayer and lean on Mary's heart.I will be praying that you will have a restful night. Dear Mary, hear our prayer please. Amen.